How Fast Are We Going?

“How fast are we going? How fast?” I could hear a boy ask his dad as they wheeled by me on their bicycles.

The two cycled past me running on the trail and I could not hear the Dad’s reply.  Did he look at his speedometer and tell his son the exact mile per hour pace or perhaps he said something like “We’re doing great, much faster than last time we rode together.” 

Maybe he said something like “If we go a little faster we will be beat our best speed, let push harder.”

I don’t know the rest of the conversation but I know that this boy was asking for feedback.  Recently I read Geoff Colvin’s book “Talent Is Overrated” and he talks about feedback in regards to motivation and he shares a finding that “feedback that helped a person do what he or she felt compelled to do was effective.”  When we ask for feedback we’re looking for someone to affirm that we are making progress or if we are not to give us direction that will help us get there.

Feedback is a great thing, the problem is who do you chose to give you feedback? How do you determine if the feedback you receive is valid? For every question there are tons of answers.  Let’s go even a step further for every question there are all sorts of people you can ask. I thought about this and the people that I ask advice and feedback from are the people I want to be like.  If I am seeking a contented peace filled life walking with God, I am not going to go to a worrier. Another thing I look for when seeking feedback is experience. I want to find out from someone who has been there, whose done what I am trying to do. I think you know what I mean, we all do this when we’re looking for help, but let’s flip this thought around, what kind of feedback do you provide? When I look at my life experiences and outlook is it something that others will want feedback and direction for their spiritual journey? Each day the choices I make create the feedback I will give back. We all pass it on; the good and the bad, and we all have a sphere or circle of influence. I’m thinking about it and taking steps to ensure that the choices I make and the life I live generates positive feedback. How about you?