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Huge ?

Driving beside a lake with summer homes I spied a real estate sign. It said Huge and I immediately thought Huge Lots, but no it said Huge Views! Wait a minute, huge views. I pondered and while I absorbed that thought I found myself grinning. Yes, huge views, that is what I want.  But let me clarify this, no I am not going to go run off and buy a home perched on an expansive cliff boasting a breathtaking view. What I have found is the most spectacular views are free and they come in two varieties, people and places.

Letís start with the obvious, beautiful places. Think about the remarkable places youíve gazed upon, if youíre like me they have been shared public spots.  I am blessed to live within ten minutes of four wonderful state parks. All I have to do is get in my car, drive to the park hike or walk to the pretty vistas.  Itís ridiculously easy and maintenance free. I get to view and absorb beauty anytime I take myself there, thatís it just go take a look. Then there are the National Parks, a little more effort to get to and you are rewarded with diverse unusual views that arenít in your neighborhood. Again you have to take yourself to the view, it requires some effort but the payoff is enormous.

Getting to the places with the huge view requires that I make the effort to get there. Itís the same with people views. Iíve viewed a best friendís new born baby as I held her, Iíve watched my son play his viola with a metal band, Iíve laughed as my daughters new puppy lost his balance and rolled over in confusion.  Huge views and they required that I take myself to the relationship, but theyíre free. Or are they free? Technically there is no monetary cost to these experiences or views, but we make a trade off.  Itís all about time. How you spend it and how it aligns with your values.  I want huge views in my life, both of the people and place variety. That means I think carefully before I say yes to anything that has the potential to dilute my values.  If I say that the relationship with the friends and family I love is one of my core values, then I make it a priority to keep in touch. Simple eh?  In theory yes, but the reality is there are so many other things that just sort of slip in the way of your values if you donít guard your choices.  So to have the Huge View, I must say no to the small distractions and itís worth it. How about you, what Huge View do you want?