Indian Summer candleSit back and enjoy.I Canít Keep Up

I walked into my kitchen and realized I cannot keep up.  There were dishes to do, vegetables to chop, lunch to pack and meals to plan. On top of this I wanted to have all my holiday decorations up and in place before Thanksgiving. That will give me less to do during busy December and more time to enjoy the decorations.  Iíll tell you what Iím not getting any enjoyment from this self imposed goal. No, in fact I hate to see those signs that announce how many more days we have until Christmas. I havenít even begun to think about presents along with the holiday gatherings and Iím already in way over my head here.

Colonial Candle makes this wonderful Indian Summer candle. Iíve got it on an end table beside a chair where I regularly sit to write. I got comfortable in my chair, pulled out the laptop and considered lighting the candle but I looked around the room and saw items scattered about in disarray. I needed to tidy up I thought to myself and then Iíll light the candle. But seriously, is there a rule that says in order to burn a candle the room has to be spic and span? What is it that makes me add these standards to my life? Which brings me back to my initial dilemma, is the significance of my holiday season based on what I get done? In fact is the holiday contingent on my work?

"For God so love the world..."It's not what you do...remember the reason.Hereís the real question is Christmas what I make it or is it recognition of what God made it? Duh, itís what God made and I have nothing to do with it. But then letís roll back to the original challenge, how did this become about me and what I needed to get done? Easy to answer, I forgot that itís been done, God sent his son as a child, Jesus and we celebrate his birth. Thatís it. We celebrate the birth of Christ. How did it get all about these chores and obligations? The number of days to Christmas? Itís so clichť but Iíd forgotten the reason for the season and that is to celebrate; to celebrate the birth of our Savior and to cherish family and loved ones...I donít need to keep up.