978399_62611895.jpg (2315968 bytes)I Didn't Know

Around a year ago I was in the checkout line at the Samís Club and the lady in front of me had some beautiful miniature peppers. I was curious about the bright, yellow, orange and red peppers, so I asked her what she was going to do with them.  Her face lit up as she explained that she would stuff and grill the peppers.  She stuffed the peppers with a mixture of cream cheese, salsa and bacon. Iíve tried this and they are delicious.

dallasmarket.jpg (307121 bytes)I love hot and spicy foods so I was delighted to see fresh jalapenos when we were at the Dallas farmerís market.  When we arrived home I decided to try stuffing the jalapenos. Normally I simply cut the peppers lengthwise and since they are small I just scrape the seeds out with my fingers.  NEVER touch jalapenos! My index finger burned for hours after I stuffed these little peppers. These tiny peppers forced me to soak my finger in ice water for a couple hours.  In fact I googled and found that when working with jalapenos you should wear plastic gloves and never touch yourself-especially you eyes. I didnít know. Now that I do know you can be sure that this will never happen again. Itís a no brainer, touching a jalapeno equals pain-donít do it.

374205_5131.jpg (111866 bytes)Here we are in the ďage of informationĒ and I didnít know. You probably knew this, but me; somehow I missed the jalapeno memo. What I learned from this is to be a little more sympathetic when I encounter ignorance in others. They simply didnít know, donít know and that is understandable, the key is to learn and change your behavior once you do know. Sometimes thatís easier said than done.

ďEverybody is ignorant, only on different subjectsĒ - Will Rogers