I Don't Have To Do Anything

God doesnít need me. I realized this running along a beautiful wooded trail. As I marveled at the spectacular outdoors it dawned on me that he has done it all. There is nothing that I need to create, no book that I need to write, and no bucket list item for me to check off my list he cannot take care of. In fact if I donít do the next right thing, the cosmos will not collapse. No I will miss the opportunity to help someone and to draw closer to God as a result of it but, God really doesnít need me to do anything. What a relief.

Lately Iíve noticed that when friends or loved ones share a challenge or problem with me I often search for the answer but again I am learning to ask myself, do I need to do anything? I am finding that the best I can do is be a sympathetic listener. I donít have identify all the components or solve the problem.  Again what a relief, Iím not sure where all this doing and sense of obligation came from but itís false.  Itís amazing to spend time in conversations where I ask questions and seek to understand rather than to do anything.  In fact when I do nothing I get out of the way and then God can work.

Want to know something else? Itís because Iím just not that important. Yep, the world doesnít revolve around me and when I accept that, I cast aside a load of responsibilities I was never meant to carry.  A simple life, filled with the peace of knowing that God can and will take care of everything is achievable as long as I donít do anything, because after all Iím not the one in charge.