Cranky and CrabbyI Forgot To Say Thank You

I was exhausted. I had just finished the most intense three weeks of training in my entire life. I was cranky and all I wanted to do was sleep. Please leave me alone and whatever you do, donít give me another thing to be responsible for. PMS had nothing on this I was CRABBY!

tiredriders.JPG (152678 bytes)My first thought was to figure out the fastest way to get to sleep or at the least rest, but I had just finished spinning on my trainer in the basement. While I spun Monica our dog watched me. She watched me and waited. Why? Because she hoped that I would take her for a walk. I finished and we went to walk, although I had a begrudging attitude about this. I had created this monster; the dog who believes that after any training session she gets a walk, so we walked.

I grumped through the evening and avoided my family. I felt like a loose cannon. Then I stumbled across my favchainrocks.JPG (335306 bytes)orite song ďIn WonderĒ and knew what the problem was. I hadnít stopped to thank God. I got all caught up in my much deserved fatigue and didnít stop and tell God thank you. Thank you for allowing me to do more miles in three weeks than I ever have. Thanks for a husband who lets me leave work at 9:30 and go swim with girlfriends in the lake at Innsbrook. Thanks for giving us the money to be able to finance this. Thanks for keeping stress and craziness out of my life right now. The kids havenít made any foolish choices and I can sleep at night.  I usually get sick this time of year from allergies and Iím healthy now-whoa huge thanks for that.

praise.jpg (476123 bytes)Feeling crabby? Maybe you too forgot to say thanks.

ďThat my soul may sing praise to You and not be silent O Lord my God, I will give thanks to You forever. Ė Psalm 30:12