imy2.jpg (134609 bytes)Ill Meet You

A couple weekends ago Josie called to see if I was going to go run, and we arranged for her to meet me after I ran to do some walking and photography. I ran at the Al Foster trail which took me out around 2 miles and then I sent her a text message letting her know that I was heading back. As I turned to go back to the trailhead I knew that Josie was on her way to meet me.  It was a great day to be out running. The sun was shining and I savored being able to wear shorts and a t-shirt on a warm November day. But the best part was that I once I finished running I would be rewarded sharing some fun with my friend. I found myself thinking about other times that I have had friends encourage me along the way. I cant count the number of times that friends have met with me to train. Sometimes they would meet for the entire set, other times just for a portion of it and I always looked forward to the encouragement and companionship. When I started doing triathlons Carol and I had this little game going where we would see how far I imy1.jpg (165904 bytes)got in the race before she passed me on the bike. I swam faster and would work trying to fend off Carol, and yet at the same time I looked forward to seeing her and she always had an encouraging word to say. Last spring I had the fun of saying to Chris and Rick as they participated in the St. Louis half marathon Ill meet you  In fact now as I reflect upon this the best part of training is when you and a friend get together and say Ill meet you.

While we were out Josie made a comment that you can always find interesting things to take photos of and we had some fun with seed pods. Click here to see the pictures.