cardinal1.jpg (84090 bytes)cardinal2.jpg (87218 bytes)Illusions

There is a beautiful female cardinal that keeps flying into the window of our sunroom. Tap, thump, whack! Over and over, day after day she flings herself at the windows.  I sent our dog Monica outside to scare the bird away, but that did not work. I thought maybe she was building a nest on the house so I went out and took a look. The windows appeared to act like a mirror reflecting all the nature and the trees behind our house.  The dumb determined little cardinal kept projecting herself into the window. I went out again and chased her away. It was chilly out there and I realized that I could not spend all my mornings outside warning her. I considered putting tape or paper on the window so she would know it was an illusion, but then I realized I didn’t want to live with that. This beautiful bird would have to figure it out on her own.cardinal3.jpg (108391 bytes)cardinal4.jpg (125400 bytes)

Some days she has flung herself into the window 30 times or more. Over and over pausing to sit atop a bush and sings out in her dismay.  All around her there are other directions in which she could fly freely and I wonder why she doesn’t go another way?  Why doesn’t she realize that this is an illusion, why doesn’t she learn and move on?

cardinal5.jpg (82812 bytes)cardinal6.jpg (56910 bytes)Maurice did a little research and told me that she sees herself as a predator, our cardinal friend does not realized that she is fighting herself. Day after day she battles to protect her turf, sadly she is her foe. In some ways I’m like that lady cardinal, I have had some illusions and I fight myself over and over.  I do things I know I shouldn’t do and sabotage my own best intentions.  I’m ashamed to say at times over and over like little Miss Cardinal. Do you ever do that? Try hard and still miss the mark? In the bible they call that sin and if you were wondering what all this has to do with Easter well here it is. Every one of us is going to make poor choices; we’re going to want to start over, to have a “next time.” Fortunately there is someone who knew we could get in these destructive loops and for us that is why we have great cause to celebrate this Easter. Jesus! That’s why he is called the Savior, because he saves us from ourselves.

cardinal7.jpg (56572 bytes)cardinal8.jpg (85751 bytes)“He isn’t here! He is risen from the dead, just as he said would happen. Come, see where his body was lying.” Matthew 28:6 (New Living Translation)

 Happy Resurrection Day!