IMG_3509.JPG (231308 bytes)In The Right Place

When I was in California with my parents I had a glimpse of “senior” life. What I found fascinating was that they had their own little world and everybody got it. Fixed income, failing body parts, and health care, were a part of their daily life. Along with this I found kindness, generosity, humor and some fabulous people who were living fully in the moment. These were people who made a conscious lifestyle decision when they chose to live in the RV Park, actually it was when they decided to give up a traditional home and purchase an RV. The RV park is for senior’s meaning one person in the RV must be 55 years or older in age. Since they are all of a certain age they have many things in common.  I didn’t know that older women sometimes choose to have their eyebrows which have disappeared tattooed back on; but the ladies there did. If I wanted to have this done I could easily find out where was the best place to go for this procedure.

realestate.jpg (51811 bytes)Nobody was born in the RV Park, they all chose to be there and adopt that lifestyle. We do the same thing only it’s subtle and sometimes we choose by not changing. Maurice and I are at an interesting place right now house hunting because we get to choose how we are going to live. Well, if we can sell the house we do. Suddenly we find ourselves facing a plethora of options: home style, acreage, pool, subdivision, ranch or two story. When we look at the home we’re also looking at the lifestyle. Do we want to live in a neighborhood with a bunch of kids or would we like acreage with horses as neighbors. But it’s not always where you live but how you live. How do you spend your free time? What do you do? Who do you spend your time with? These choices also define the lifestyle you live. When I was in California I realized that my parents were in the right place, how about you?

“In every single thing you do, you are choosing a direction.
Your life is a product of choices.” – Dr. Kathleen Hall