First Triathlon-Indoor

A couple weeks ago, actually on 2/7 I started training to do my first triathlon. This race would give me an idea what a triathlon was really like. We swam 500 yards, rode a stationary bike for 10 miles and then ran 3 miles on a treadmill.  I swam 3 times and rode the stationary bike 6 times. Figured I didn’t have to worry about the running. I was in the first heat and I was the very last person out of the pool. I suppose I was counting on my old swimming skills, but everyone in my heat was good. The guys I shared a lane with lapped me. Ugh. It was just like old times at the pool, me trying to keep up with bunch of fast swimmers. Then I got on the stationary bike and rode a couple minutes and the screen went blank. The volunteer working asked if I saw how far I had gotten, and of course I did not (I was too busy playing with my MP3 player—sure sign of an amateur.) So we guesstimated I lost .4 miles and then I just restarted. When the last person got off the bike I was at around 7.9 miles. Finally when I got on the treadmill I felt great.  I had a nice run and came in last in my wave.  Actually I didn't do too bad, 7 women entered and I came in second. It was a fun experience, and a nice substitute for a workout. I think you need to be a good bike rider to be successful at triathlons. Oh I have this big black number 12 written on my left arm. It’s very cool, reminds me of when I was a kid swimming AAU. We would write our event numbers on our hand for the day. Then when I would go to school on Monday people would wonder what it was written all over my hand. After last weekend’s marathon, it felt great to finish and not be exhausted. Perhaps that means I could have pushed harder. 


I've done this one three times now and here are a few pic's from the second time around...

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