influence.jpg (88967 bytes)Information and Influence

I was at the counter of the post office when a lady walked up to the counter beside me. I heard her say to the postal worker “You know about lots of things I have a question for you.”

I smiled when she stated that this man knew lots of things, and figured she would ask about passports or perhaps something about international mail. But I never expected her to explain a traffic accident she had been involved in and finish her story asking this postal clerk if he thought she was at fault. Seriously? I was baffled that she would seek information about a traffic issue at the post office. I wondered why she didn’t ask someone involved in police or law work and then I wondered what kind of people she associated with. Didn’t she have someone in her life to get information from besides a random postal worker?

friendscircle.jpg (864316 bytes)Have you heard the saying that you are like, or become like your 5 closest friends? Sometimes this is referred to as your inner circle or sacred circle, and they are the people who influence you. I deduced that this woman’s sacred circle was pretty weak if she had to seek advice at the post office counter. This got me thinking about how our friends influence us. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that the people we associate with impacts our lives but take a step further with me. What about who you associate with on facebook? All those posts on the news feed influence us, and if you twitter or use any other social networking media you have a choice. Information and influences are made by our choices, who’s influencing you?

“Be around the people you want to be like, because you will be like the people you are around.” – Sean Reichle