caution.jpg (90741 bytes)Jalapenos

I got to thinking about those jalapenos and for some reason I found myself considering the Old Testament. Alright follow along, letís say fifty years from now scientist have hybridized the jalapenos so touching them is no longer an issue. Young people would be surprised to learn that people at one time had to wear plastic gloves to handle jalapenos. I thought about the books of Deuteronomy and Leviticus in the Bible and I have to admit I donít read those often. To me they are books of rules. Rules that donít make sense and frankly Iím happy I wasnít a woman living back then.  I tend not to want to read this, but as I thought about the jalapenos and the fact that I didnít know they would hurt me, I bible_reading.jpg (512885 bytes)realized that all those rules were for the safety of the Israelite people at that time.  Some of that Old Testament stuff is hard to understand now, but it was relevant then.  I suppose that is why I find the New Testament easier to read, itís hard to find anything Jesus said irrelevant even today.

As a parent I give my kids advice. This stems from things I have learned through my past experiences. I do this because I love them and only want the best for them. God does it too and all we have to do is pull out that book and read it. Iíll admit I donít do this. Iím sporadic at best but today Iím going to put my bible in a visible place where I will be reminded to open it up. How about you, whereís your bible?bible.jpg (632984 bytes)

ďWhen you read Godís Word, you must constantly be saying to yourself, ďIt is talking to me and about me.Ē ĖSoren Kierkegaard