juggling.jpg (103141 bytes)Juggling

I was running on the Wildwood multipurpose trail one day when a cyclist pulling a trailer with a kid and dog rode by me going the opposite direction. He had just climbed up a little hill and the rest of his family lagged behind. I guess it was his family because it appeared that mom and two daughters were trying to keep up. The family was obviously challenged trying to stay with Dad, and one of the girls was walking hauling her bike up the hill. The mom gave me a sort of exhausted smile. Dad was in shape and Mom, while not overweight simply couldnít match his fitness level. I wondered why the Dad didnít turn around and see that his family wasnít with him. Was it because he was trying to do two things, get in a workout and spend family time? Iím sure he felt short changed on both ends. There is no way you can get in a good training session with a young family and there is no way you can have quality family time if you have another agenda at the same time. Sure you can do some things together but when you think about it are you actually successful?

phones.jpg (85022 bytes)The problem is that it is difficult to limit ourselves.  We want to do it all, have it all, and be it all but sooner or later you find out how many balls you can juggle. You add one, then another, and one more, then you squeeze in just a little one, well, whatís another and oops you drop one.  Several years ago when the kids were in high school I multitasked all the time. My calendar was a congested mess and I vividly recall a juggling mishap. One Saturday during this chaotic chapter in my life I drove Ryan to Mizzou for a viola competition. We left in the wee hours of the morning, rushed home and then I changed and put on snuggie.JPG (79274 bytes)a dress to go to a wedding. The wedding was that of our office manager. Maurice and I arrived about 10 minutes before the ceremony was to start and sat down in a pew.  I looked around for employees and didnít see anyone one that we knew. Then I opened the program and found that we were at the wrong persons wedding! I had misread the invitation and it was not at 1 but it had already taken place at 11:00am. We left disappointed that we missed Jessica's wedding.  In hindsight when I look at all I was trying to accomplish it was bound to happen.  Now I when my schedule gets tight I know that errors are right around the corner if I do not make an adjustment in my planning.

daystill.jpg (74652 bytes)All that being said I took my own advice this week and spent a quiet evening at home. At first I felt guilty for simply curling up in a chair with the snuggie wrapped around me, but after a few moments I realized just how tired of pushing I was. The break was refreshing and I recharged. Weíre on the brink of the big holiday season and all the business of the holidays could cause us to juggle too many obligations. Now is a great time to take a moment to decide how much we're going to do and when we are going to rest and recharge.  Itís our choice.

"Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under the trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of tim" - John Lubbock