vegetables3.jpg (96523 bytes)Keep Up With Your Vegetables

Have you noticed that when you do your chores on the weekend, the week flows smoothly?  I know some of you have weekend routines that you follow. For example you may grocery shop every Sunday afternoon, or perhaps you do laundry on Saturday mornings. Most Sundays I spend time preparing vegetables. I wash and chop vegetables and then pack them into sandwich size bags so we have veggie snacks all week long at work. It’s not glamorous and it takes time to do but I really appreciate having these handy snacks during the week.  

vegetables.jpg (68922 bytes)There have been times that I was too busy to prepare the vegetables on the weekend and guess what happened? I snacked on junk or whatever I could find. I learned the value of keeping up with my vegetables. Kelly started a new semester of classes Monday and she shared with me that this spring's courses would be challenging. My advice was to keep up.  She will be successful if she schedules homework and does it. The challenge comes when we fall behind and have to keep up and catch up all at the same time.  Now is a great time to put patterns in place, to decide what positive activities you want to tap along in your life.  What do you want to keep up with?

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” –Benjamin Franklin