medal l&c 02.jpg (1145040 bytes)Lewis & Clark Marathon
September 2002

I had planned to run the half marathon and a week before the race I decided to run the whole marathon. My training for the Chicago marathon was a little ahead of schedule and I was ready to go, so why not?  

At the start the temperature was around 60 with a light breeze. Great weather for running. This is a small local marathon. No chip timing, two loop course. The course is primarily flat with one climb and half of it is run on the   Katy  Trail. The Katy Trail  is a gravel recreational trail that many people walk and ride bikes on. I enjoyed the solitude of the second loop, just me and my walkman.  I had to stop once on the course at a porta potty and that really annoyed me. Part of the run is on a cobblestone street and you run across that on your last mile. Ouch, Ouch!  

  On October 9th of 1998 I wrote in my journal  

My dreams will have simmered, just like the dream of running a marathon.  Its so unattainable in my life that I give up.

  Well, I did it. I ran a marathon!

 After the race was over I got to my car and Maurice called. He and the kids had just arrived. I met up with them in the parking lot. We all went to lunch and that was fun. Of course I proudly wore my finisher medal.