house_present.jpg (66406 bytes)Life On Hold

I have put my life on hold. Iím waiting to sell this house, to move to the next. For example I did not plant any seeds this year because I might be moving. I uncluttered the kitchen and now I couldnít make a smoothie if I wanted to because the blender is in a box of kitchen stuff in the basement. I am reluctant to start projects because the house must always be ready to show and projects mean messes. The worst part of living like this is the feeling that you have no control. Everything hinges on ďthe potential buyer.Ē

Along with the potential sale of our house is the flip side of purchasing our new home. Iíve lost count of the number of homes we have toured.  Weíve narrowed our search down to four homes that we like but none of them fits us perfectly. Recently we had someone express an interest in our home and asked several questions via their real estate agent. Theyíre probably going to come tour our house again. This sent me into an emotional panic. What if they make an offer? What if I canít find a house I want to buy? Do I really want to sell this home?

herbs.jpg (712994 bytes)I got tired of living my life around what if a buyer shows up to look at my house. The relentless which house should I buy question got tiring and I decided that this sort of thinking can cause paralysis. I am going to live life while I wait and as a matter of fact I took one small step in that direction. I purchased moonflower seeds and some herb plants. Iíll knick those seeds, soak them and although itís late Iím going to plant them. Iím going to fill one of the pots on our deck with the herbs and immediately enjoy them.  Just because Iím waiting doesnít mean I have to quit doing the things I enjoy.  Iím going to make the best of this waiting. How about you?

ďThe time is now, the place is here. Stay in the present. You can do nothing to change the past, and the future will never come exactly as you plan or hope for.Ē Dan Millman