The crazy life..."Livin' La Vida Loca"

Have you seen the movie Avatar? I thought it was great and my nephew Brendan did too. In fact afterwards his facebook status read: Avatar was amazing!!! I'm depressed now because I can't be an avatar!! Life sucks sometimes! :(“

I knew exactly what he meant, it’s like that blah feeling you get when all the Christmas decorations are gone and life has lost its sparkle. You just want a little more out of life, a little more excitement, and a little more pizzazz. I think that’s some of the attraction television shows have because everything has a punch of wow and you find yourself waiting. You wait for the for the reality show to take you away, the novel to move you to another place. Unfortunately you become passive and forget that you can create the exciting vibrant life you want. The challenge I have is getting out of the comfortable routines that work for me. I find what works and then stick with it only to find myself bored and waiting, waiting and wishing I were an Avatar.

Create the life you wantThink about it, what if you could be an Avatar? What if you could change and your life would have the sparkle of Christmas every day? What if your life was so exciting and full that movies and books paled in comparison?

Ben Franklin said “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” If the life you’re living is waiting on other people, or perhaps movies and books to fulfill you, what change could you make so that you are actually “livin’ la vida loca?”