lsl84.jpg (256831 bytes)Lake St. Louis 2008 Race Report

Long Course Distances
Swim: 1500 meters - .932 mile  
Bike: 40 kilometers - 24.85 miles   
Run:  10 kilometers - 6.2 miles

gc2008.JPG (299067 bytes)Last weekend I participated in the Lake St. Louis Triathlon. This was the third time that I have done this race and I finished with a time of 2:49:14, which was a nice jump down from my 3:05:53. I was pleased with my results and couldnít wait to see how I compared with the other women in my age group. I checked throughout the day for the results online. Sunday we went and watched Ryan race in the Gateway Cup. Ryan cycled with the Cat 1, 2 & pros and this was exciting to watch. Unfortunately Ryan had gotten sick during the week, and this forced him to stop racing on Sunday. What a disappointment for Ryan. He had looked forward to this Labor Day weekend of four races. Hours training that just wouldnít be showcased this weekend. During a break in the crit racing I check to see if the results were posted for the triathlon and they were.  I came in 8th, 8th out of 13th. Eighth. The previous two times Iíve raced it I came in 7/15 and 5/15. I got faster and so did everyone else. I know, this wasnít an A race for me and I hadnít specifically trained for it. But faced with the race results part of me thought: forget it; Iíve worked hard for this? I had to console myself. First I put together a spreadsheet, and yes, even if the bike course was easier, I was faster. So I want to feel good about this regardless of the place I came in. Secondly I felt that I had raced skillfully and efficiently. I raced smart and did all the right things. Third I had to remind myself that everyone-everyone in triathlons is good. They have come from another sport and evolved into triathlon. Nobody just starts and says they want to be a triathlete, they run or swim or bike and get good and move to triathlon. In triathlons you exceptional people. Of course I know that I am fitter than the average person and this is my hobby, and that you are not your results. Yes I know this but I am still not happy. You are supposed to get faster and move up in the rankings, not back. I canít wait to turn 50 and move up to the next age group!