Many Happy ReturnsMany Happy Returns

I find old post cards fascinating.  Iíve collected some and I try to purchase cards that have messages on the back. Most are written in pencil and I find the correspondence intriguing. I guess that makes me a vintage lurker. By gone phrases appear on the cards for example ďMany Happy Returns.Ē I guess itís sort of like saying I want you to have many great days.

Happy DayHave you ever tried to find a new way to close your email correspondence? I have. Iíve got the same little list of endings like: Sincerely, Have a Great Day, Have a Great Weekend, Back to Work, and Love. I searched for some new ways to perk up the closings of my letters and I found this extensive list. Iím not sure when Iím going to close with ďsmell ya laterĒ but I did kind of like ďshine on.Ē I now I keep humming that Pink Floyd tune in my head.

Iím wishing you Many Happy Returns!