March 25, 2007 

3K race report

Alarm went off at 5:30am. I was out the door by 6:15 and it was still dark. The drive was pretty cool because as I rode through the neighborhood with the windows down I heard a symphony of birds singing. Temperature was in the 60ís warm, sunny, and a perfect day for a run.  As I got ready I kept thinking, is this it? Is that all? No winter clothes, no hauling all that triathlon paraphernalia, no guís, gelís and marathon supplements to bother with. It was too easy, simply me in my shorts and running shoes going for a quick sprint. 

Of course I found a great parking spot because I am obsessive like that.  I think Pete beat me there, with Carol and Jim not too far behind. This is a St. Louis Track Club race and it takes place at the Center at Clayton. Packet pickup is in the gym and normally they allow the runners to use the indoor facilities. This year however they had a sign in front of the restroom that said if you were a runner and not a Center member you had to pay $3.00 to use the restroom. Unfortunately they did not increase the number of porta potties outside.  There was a long line, but lucky for me Carol had found another restroom by a baseball field and she clued me in. 

The half marathon runners started at 8 and I watched the people on the starting line take off. Then I saw Carol and Pete run by. The 3K started at 8:20 and I was surprised by the small field. Iím not sure why the attendance was down, but it was. Its always a fun group because you get little kids crouched on the starting line like theyíre track stars. There are some novice Moms and Dads running with their kids and of course there are the age groupers. This year I am happy to report that I had no clothing malfunctions (2006 3K.) I ran hard and I felt like I was doing a PR pace but I did not:15:06. It wasnít my best or my worst time, but it was my best effort.  Remember those cool trophies that they give out at this race? Well, no more. Now they are plaques and I got one for first in my age group. I've never specifically trained for this race and wonder what could I do if I worked at it?