downey7.jpg (652150 bytes)May Madness

May is always busy at the Dowell home. We start the month with Mother's Day and then we have two birthdays. On top of that work is extremely busy at Dowco in the spring. There you have it, my excuse for not posting this week on the website.

downey3.JPG (900556 bytes)An update on our house, we found one that Maurice and I both like and want to make an offer on. Yes, here we go again. So for a second time we are lowering the price today. Saturday morning we have a showing and then Sunday an open house. Maurice and I have been praying about this one and if it is meant to be it downeyannuals.jpg (394720 bytes)will all fall into place.

I put some herbs in a couple of the planters on the deck and I am enjoying those.  We've also installed all the annuals and the yard is lovely.

I'll keep you posted if we get an offer on our house....