Memories of Moments  

Take me there
to the places of enchantment.
Moonbeams & Fireflies
Bubbles in the rain
Magic Valley
The wind of a gathering storm
Catch the wind
The mysterious places
Magical places
Whisper of a feather
A child’s whisper in your ear
Arms outstretched to God
Icy cold stream on your feet
Sensations and places
A shooting star
The crackle of a campfire
Pitter patter of a summer storm
Sweltering heat
Holding hands
Jumping into a puddle
Paper boats in a puddle
Sun on Snow
Ice on bare trees
Pumpkins in the dark
A kite in the wind
The smell of a lily
Sun kissed
Symphony of song birds
A morning of possibilities
Take me there
to the places of enchantment.
Memories of moments