balloon4.jpg (96078 bytes)Mickey Mouse Balloons

Recently we were in Orlando for PLANET's Executive Forum. As we were walking to lunch on Saturday my friend Miles asked me what was the biggest takeaway I had from the session. I had a hard time just pinpointing one huge idea that stood out for me from the Forum. The Forum was geared around a theme of Executive Magic: The Balance of Life, Work and Health.  The speakers provided a lot of information and the networking opportunities were fantastic. Maurice, Jane and I shared what we learned from others in the industry. For example we found one company has installed snow cams at several different locations to monitor the weather on their sites.

balloons3.JPG (70892 bytes)While visiting the Magic Kingdom Jane and I bought balloons. The balloons were clear bubbles with a Mickey Mouse balloon inside, mine was pink and Jane chose red. We enjoyed our balloons for a couple days and then it was time to go home. Sunday morning I found myself trying to fit more than I came with into my suitcase. While on the trip I had purchased a pink Minnie Mouse hoody, a polo shirt for Kelly, a pilsner glass for Ryan, a mug and a teacup.  In addition I had received a binder with the educational materials, a leather portfolio, a CAT baseball cap, a media stick/jump drive, and some John Deere toy tractors. I didn’t have enough space to bring everything home so I had to leave some behind. I packed up what I could and headed to the front of the hotel to catch Disney’s Magical Express Shuttle back to the airport. Along the way I spotted a little girl in a stroller and gave her my balloon. I smiled as I watched my pink Mickey float in the air tied to the stroller, my balloon would soon be in a theme park for the day.

balloons.jpg (233074 bytes)The last chapter of John Maxwell’s book ‘The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership’ is entitled The Law of Legacy. Maxwell challenges his readers to consider what you leave behind. On this trip my time and space was limited, just like our life is limited; you can’t take anything with you when you leave. I enjoyed giving that little girl the balloon and I found myself thinking about my legacy. What am I giving? What can’tballoons2.jpg (191622 bytes) I take with me? What’s important? What’s my legacy? How about you?

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” – Les Brown

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