minimize3.jpg (116603 bytes)Minimize Damages

Do you remember those cute candle holders I have on my front porch? (Click here to find out more about them.)  I had one of the very tall holders in the left corner by the porch swing. A couple months ago I came home and found that the wind had knocked it over breaking the glass globe.  I moved a shorter one in its place and the same thing happened.  I figured it out and did not replace it again. A couple weeks later another one broke, again on the right side of the house, but this one was beside minimize.jpg (96048 bytes)the front door. I have one on each side of the front door.  They look balanced and create a welcoming look to entrance of our home.  Since I did not want to give this up I moved a different candle holder to the right side of the door keeping the paired look I desired only to have it break. The wind tossed this one down and it became clear that no candle holder would survive on the right side of the porch. Four broken glass globes and I finally gave up.

Of course this was an easy decision after I broke four of these glass globes, itís not so clear when people and feelings are involved. I do the same thing with people. I rationalize and make excuses, thereby mentally making them into the person I want them to be. However the truth is if a personís sharp curt minimize2.jpg (102537 bytes)answers repeatedly hurt your feelings well, guess what? Itís time to decide if you need to be in the vicinity of those words. That is simply an example it could be any number of relational interactions, but there comes a time when you have to minimize your damages. Some people you cannot change no matter how badly you want to. I canít change the prevailing direction of the wind on my front porch therefore I must concede that this will not work. Same thing with people, I havenít had much success changing people, have you? The key is to learn while experiencing the minimum amount of damages. Unfortunately there is often a cost associated with learning therefore itís important to learn quickly.  Rationalizing and making excuses simply prolongs the process. Iím working to be a quick study.

ďInsanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.Ē Ė Albert Einstein