mg1.JPG (72474 bytes)Morning Glories

Last spring I planted morning glory and moon flower seeds. I plant both of these together because the morning glories bloom in the morning and die in the afternoon while the moon flower opens at night and dies the next day. A large portion of the morning glory seeds germinated and thrived. About a third of the moon flowers germinated then grew around a half inch and died. I purchased more seeds and tried again with the same result. I was disappointed that there would be no moon flowers this year.

Morning glories are hearty plants. Iíve seen them self seed and return year after year in some gardens. They are easy to grow and a common garden plant. Our days got warmer and the plants grew climbing the trellis in my front yard. No big deal this is what they are supposed to do. I wanted moon flowers. I really didnít pay much attention because I wasnít going to get the flashy unique moon flowers.

mg2.JPG (81224 bytes)Last week I headed outside to take Monica on her morning walk. I glanced over and noticed flowers. The morning glories had bloomed but instead of the typical blue flower they were variegated white. I forgot that I had tried a package of the blue star variety. What a pleasant surprise.  These flowers are smaller than the foliage leaves and if you stop and get close you will see that they are just as spectacular as the moon flower.

mg3.JPG (66786 bytes)In my regret over the loss of the moon flowers I had almost ignored the morning glories. I get that way about my personal life too. I will focus on the bad habit I cannot conquer, the goal I repeatedly fail to meet, the areas where I am not strong. I focus on my shortcomings and miss the blessings. I ignore the gifts that God has given me and overlook the areas where I succeed. We live in a society absorbed in self improvement. Motivators like Stephen Covey, Tony Robbins and Zig Ziglar all inspire us to improve ourselves. Have you noticed that the covers of magazines shout out all the secrets to creating a better you? Itís easy to get so caught up in setting goals and improving that you feel discontented. Itís a vicious cycle, chasing contentment one goal at a time. This morning I took a moment to stop and really see the morning glory. Try it, take a moment, pause and appreciate.

ďReflect upon your blessings, of which every man has plenty, not on your misfortunes, of which all men have some.Ē Ė Charles Dickens