Move Number One

This week we completed move number one, we have moved from our Downey Terrace Ct. home to our vacation rental home.  That is what I’ve decide our temporary rental home is: a vacation rental home. The thought came to me the first night we spent there as I was standing on the deck overlooking a convergence of several small yards all fenced in white. This view was a change from our private park like back yard and I realized that if I were standing looking out at something spectacular like the ocean that I would be delighted and excited about staying in this home which is different than the home we left.  We have a 90 day lease and I’ve coined the phrase "90 Days To Amaze" to motivate me. I’ve decided to take advantage of my time in the vacation home and get a few projects done that I had put on the back burner. The thought is to amaze myself by getting some of these things done. Speaking of amazing, I have to say that Manny and John with Dodge Mayflower moving were fantastic. One day we had a crew of three guys and the second day we had four men moving us. The scheduling got a little crazy, on Monday our cousin Nate who owns a floor cleaning company went to our rental home and cleaned all the carpets, followed by Lonnie and her crew from the Cleaning Agents who spiffed up the place for us on Tuesday morning while the movers were packing the truck at our home. At one point we had the movers and the company moving the hot tub, and a crew from Dowco moving items back to our office all working at the same time. 

Yesterday morning Kelly and I walked through our empty Downey Terrace Ct. home early in the morning. Our voices echoed through the empty rooms and I couldn’t help but pull out some happy memories and reminisce over length of time we lived in that wonderful place.  Later in the morning we met the buyers and walked through our home. That was fun! They have young children and were excited about moving into their new home. 

Our agent spoke with the buyer’s agent about our pending short sale purchase and they’re telling us that the bank should have an answer on August 17. In the meantime we’re going to look at some homes again this weekend and we are keeping a short list of alternative properties should this not pan out.

Move number one completed, "90 Days To Amaze" in process…

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” – Andy Warhol

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