A carrot loverMy Dog Eats Carrots

Yes you read that correctly, Monica eats carrots. It all started when Kelly got this guinea pig and well, he loved carrots. Monica watched the little furry guy excitedly munch on carrots and then she decided that she wanted one too. Now whenever we’re eating carrots, she wants a carrot. Nobody told her that dogs do not eat carrots.

At Home Office DeskHome OfficeFollow me here, how much more in life could we do if nobody told us we couldn’t.  When I look back at the times I lived most authentically this was when I did what worked, not what I was supposed to do. Let me elaborate. When Maurice and I met he was living in a 14 X 60 mobile home growing the business.  We married had a couple kids, way before anybody told us to wait for more money. We simply worked and lived in that little home. It was hectic and crazy as we had a desk and filing cabinets in the living room. Ryan and Kelly shared a small bedroom with bunk beds and we shared our bedroom with another desk and computer. Running a business office with toddlers is challenging. To sound professional when I received phone calls I would run to the bedroom and close the door, that way nobody could hear the kids. I always had someone helping me work at our house which was added another interesting dimension to our life.  All our fun4.jpg (122081 bytes)equipment was stored in the barn at a farming estate about a mile away. Back then there were no cell phones and we had a two way radio base station with a huge antenna sticking up out of the roof of our mobile home. I recall one winter morning at 2am guys coming to the house for snow paperwork and Kelly happily sitting in her high chafun_days.jpg (94929 bytes)ir snacking on a pop tart. We just did what had to be done, and thought outside of the box, while living in a box. So what’s my point with this little story? Sometimes it’s best if you don’t listen to what people say. You know people advise you of things that you shouldn’t, couldn’t, ought not to do.  Because hey my dog likes carrots and if you like to paint while hanging upside down then do it, make your life work for you.

“How’s that working for ya?” – Dr. Phil McGraw