Josie and MorganThe New Normal

ďIf you are waiting for things to get back to normal forget it-this is the new normal.Ē Thatís what a speaker said during one of our sessions in New Orleans.

Basically if as a business owner you were hunkering down and waiting for the economy to return to the way it was a couple years ago, you were encouraged to embrace reality. I think when it comes to business issues itís cut and dry, simply a business decision, nothing personal. But the difficulty arises when this is up close and personal. For example my friend Josie had her first child in December and this week she went back to work. Her new normal revolves around juggling a baby, a career, and doing it with less sleep. She is trying to squeeze in 3 swim sessions before work each week but her new normal will require tolerance and flexibility.

Cute car!Sometimes the new normal is positive but your perspective is skewed by past experiences. For many years I had this cute 318i convertible. It was a 1995 model that we bought when it was three years old and kept until 2007. My pretty blue car had a cloth top and the seals tended to wear out quickly which caused the windows to leak when I went through the car wash. It was for this reason that I always stowed a couple towels in the trunk.  Last week I during a particularly hectic day I dashed through the car wash. My mind was on overdrive and when the first blast sprayed on my car I thought ďOh no I forgot the towels.Ē

My babyWhere did that come from? The car I currently drive does not leak, but my past overshadowed my new normal. It would be silly for me to carry towels in the trunk of this car, but isnít that what we do when we hang on to things that have changed?  Itís easy to accept the positive new normalís, but what about the negative changes? For My adult sonexample my son Ryan moved out the first week of April last year. I see him less and miss him a lot. This is my new normal. I could impose a bunch of expectations on him like wanting him to come over after work for dinner several nights a week and then on the weekends but heís 23 years old and has his own life to live. Itís up to me to move on positively. Itís up to me to accept the new normal. How about you, any new normalís in your life?

ďDonít let yesterday use up too much of today.Ē Ė Cherokee Proverb