Brand new, ready to go.At Rockwoods Reservation on a trail.New Trail Running Shoes

I got some new trail running shoes that are made by Mizuno that are called Wave Cabrakan. Doesn’t that sound cool: Mizuno Wave Cabrakan? I know that when I put on shoes with a name like that I am going to zoom on those trails. Actually I wondered about that Cabrakan, what is a Cabrakan? If you read up on Mayan mythology you will find that Cabrakan was a God. Some refer to Cabrakan as a God of Mountains and Earthquakes. Which makes sense because Cabrakan was also called Earthquake and he prided himself on being able to take down mountains. Unfortunately he is a bad guy in mythology. Two hero twins fed Cabrakan roasted birds that had been poisoned then when he was weakened they bound him and cast him into a hole, burying him forever. Wow all that because of the name of my trail running shoe?

Where will it lead?Here’s what I find fascinating. I started writing about my new shoes, and we ended up with Mayan mythology. Suddenly I found this intriguing and I had no idea that I would, which in a weird way, is sort of where my running is right now. My big goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon, while unbeknownst to me, I would meet up with a few friends to run trails and surprisingly find that I love, absolutely love to trail run. The odd thing about all of this is that my journey opened a new door for me. Originally I thought I was just going on another run, which I knew would be fun because I would have the camaraderie of friends. However did not know that it would “click” that this would resonate or “speak” to me.

Katie taking a break for water with her camelbak.What’s so great about trail running you may be wondering? Free-yes, the first word that comes to my mind is that you are free. Ok, that doesn’t tell you much does it? Trail running is like taking a vacation. Generally you park in a parking lot and walk to the trailhead. Very predictable, but once you start down the narrow single path trail you take a huge leap away from our man made world and step into the glory of God’s creation. Here in Missouri our trails go up and down and most of the time we start running up. Funny thing about starting up is that you immediately feel weak, your arms get sort of quivery and you think oh, what am I in for? I can tell you that you are in for more than a run. Out on the trail there are all sorts of obstacles in your path: big rocks, slippery slopes, fallen trees, insects and poison ivy are all part of it. While I am running I’m always looking where my foot is going to land but I’m also looking at the beautiful sunset, the water rushing by in the creek or the deer startled by the presence of the weird humans running. It’s challenging for sure, but I’ve seen some of the most beautiful sights back deep on the trail.

A spectacular sunset.Ben Franklin said “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” He’s right-do something. It’s so easy for our lives to get small and filled with routine, but if you make the effort to try something new, to go to a new place, to dance on the edge, then you will be rewarded. Here’s the great part, you’re rewarded with the joy of discovery, and this changes you. Think about it, every discovery, every learning experience changes you and the best way to do this is to experience it firsthand.

“A person needs at intervals to separate from family and companions and go to new places. One must go without familiars in order to be open to influences, to change. “Katharine Butler Hathaway