inthought.jpg (54209 bytes)Obstacles and Temptations

After the ironman I was so grateful to God that I decided to put off planning any training events. I would leave some space in my life for God.  It was my small way of showing gratitude. I didn’t commit to any grand events leaving flexibility in my schedule. Nothing happened. No impressive works for God materialized, life was just normal. It changed when I encountered temptations and a huge obstacle.

Here’s what I learned, God wants to teach me compassion and empathy. I am embarrassed to admit that there are some things I think I would never do. I’ll bet you’ve done it too; you look at a choice someone made and think to yourself “Why in the world did they do that? I would never do that.”  Funny thing is God has a way of allowing temptation to show you that you’ve been judgmental and you aren’t any better than the person you looked down at because of their weak choice. I have also experienced choices that loved ones made which sucked me into a world I never dreamed I would have to deal with, again another dose of empathy and humiliation.

stressed.jpg (73704 bytes)My husband Maurice always calls challenges opportunities for growth and we got one a couple weeks ago. We were thrown a huge business hurdle and Maurice found himself phoning a couple friends for assistance. What was interesting is that one brushed him off and offered an empty promise.   But surprisingly he phoned another acquaintance several states away and this man offered help. He had been in the same situation we are in last year and he readily gave advice, encouragement and offered tangible assistance. When I look at the two completely different responses I can see clearly that we are often on the side that could be providing assistance and it is a choice. The great thing about this whole situation is that it shapes us into a better people. We all have struggles but the difference looking.jpg (394709 bytes)is what you do after you survive the challenge. Do you remember and help someone else or do you forget and turn aside an opportunity to be a blessing?  When I get to the other side of all of this, I am going to reminder that I always have a choice.

“If you can’t be a good example then you’ll just have to be a terrible warning.” – Catherine Aird