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Alpine Shop's May Trail SeriesI Came To Race

She took me on the hill. We were about two thirds of the way through the trail run when this gal, who looked about my age, passed me on the last climb. It wasnít as if she and I even held the same pace and battled it out, she decidedly took the lead and left me in her dust. I watched her run on and I had nothing left to give.  We were too far from the finish for me to surge and I didnít have the stamina to keep it up. I was now left to make a decision, how do I finish the run?

There were two options, I could continue pushing it or I could coast. Dropping my pace down a notch or two would allow me to catch my breath, enjoy the view but I came to race. No I would not ease up because regardless of where I was in the pack I had decided that for this event I was going to give it everything I had. When I crossed the finish line my tank was going to be empty. Iíd decided in advance because I knew that running hard would make me faster next time.  A hard effort on the trail would improve my fitness.  Something  Iíve learned is when I put out a 100 percent effort, when I go for it with all Iíve got, I get a gift. Now hereís the tricky part, explaining this gift. I feel good. Thatís it in a nutshell. But wait itís much more than that I feel exhilarated and at the same time filled with the peace and satisfaction of a job well done. And if thatís not enough, let me share what you wouldnít expect. I am free.

Thatís right I am free. When I do my very best regardless of the outcome I am free of the trap of expectations and attachments to outcomes.  I am free of subjectivity. Opinions, judgments and analysis are all set aside with one little question: Did I do my very best?  
























































































































































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