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A couple weeks ago Kelly was at the end of her rope. She was grumpy and on edge, you could say she was a loose cannon. I was beginning to see a pattern during her working days lately.  You see Kelly goes to school on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and then works with us at Dowco on Tuesday and Thursday. This sounds good in theory but problems arise when after working from 8-5 you come home and still have all your homework to do. The week of midterms was her breaking point. We had an emotional conversation where she told me that while she is working all she can think about is the tons of schoolwork she has waiting to be done.  Kelly told me that she wanted to get straight Aís this semester. We had a conversation and I suggested that she make a presentation to her Dad who is also her boss and ask for fewer hours on Tuesday and Thursday.

options8.jpg (253537 bytes)I was so proud of her as she made a logical thoughtful presentation to Maurice. Upon completion he recommended that she make the same presentation to our office staff and solicit their support. Kelly and I both went back to our desks and I waited for her to call the office staff together to present her proposal. I waited a while longer and then I sent her an interoffice email questioning why she didnít call the staff together for her presentation. She replied that she didnít think they would understand that she didnít have enough time and she was going to just suck it up and do it. Which is just what she did.

options10.jpg (616220 bytes)Kelly worked all her hours and did not request to change them, but what I noticed was that once she realized that she could, that she had options, then her personality changed. Before she was ready to fly off the handle, but once she realized that she had alternatives I noticed that she was poised and in control. I think that is the key she felt in control. Kelly could ask for fewer hours and she could make changes.  That simple mindset made all the difference for her. Most of the time we can do whatever we want, yes there are repercussions, yes there may be a price to pay, but really we are in control of our life and we do have options. Sometimes it helps to know that you have options, even if you donít chose to take them.

ďThe strongest principle of growth lies in human choice.Ē Ė George Eliot