cny.JPG (134825 bytes)cny4.JPG (69229 bytes)Orange Trees for the Chinese New Year

When we stayed at the Aria in Las Vegas the lobby was decorated in a Chinese New Year’s theme. Splashes of red and orange accented the plant filled lobby. Oodles of red lanterns floated above us in the ceiling.  I smiled and appreciated that some interior plant company had designed the project using orange trees. After several trips through the lobby I was shocked to discover that the orange trees had been manufactured. cny3.JPG (79615 bytes)  I chuckled as I discovered that the oranges were strung on the tree, literally by a piece of string. Then I wondered why would the designer do this? I did a little research and found that Mandarin oranges are the most popular and abundant fruit during the Chinese New Year. In fact tangerines and oranges are frequently displayed in homes and stores because tangerines are a symbol of good luck and oranges symbolize wealth. People present oranges to friends and relatives to express their respects and good wishes for the coming year. This year of the Tiger began on February 14th and there are 15 days of festivities associated with the New Year. Someone wanted orange trees in the lobby and they got them.

cny5.JPG (65763 bytes)Have you ever wanted something that seems impossible? Orange trees loaded with succulent fruit in February in Las Vegas seem impossible to pull off, but with a bit of creativity this was achieved. How about your schedule, have you ever felt that there were more things to do than time allowed? That’s when thinking creatively will allow you to implement the life you want. My friend Josie’s daily life has been completely rearranged around baby Morgan and she is now learning  how to change and create a life that works for her and her family. The key is to focus on what works for you, not what is acceptable or what everyone else does. Just like those orange trees, if you want something go ahead manufacture and create it.

cny2.JPG (120583 bytes)“If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise.” – Robert Fritz