al2.JPG (303028 bytes)Ornamental Onions?

They’re here, and please feel free to wander through my garden and enjoy them. Allium giganteum, is commonly known as the ornamental onion or giant onion, and it’s a great eye catching plant. Foral3.JPG (229290 bytes) approximately three weeks, it displays large,  flower balls on graceful, leafless stalks rising from the midst of the foliage. This member of the amaryllis family can reach a height of three and a half feet, making it ideal for al4.JPG (412208 bytes)background plantings in a bed or border.

The ornamental onion grows well here without any special growth requirements. Although it is a tall plant, you do not need to stake it except in especially windy areas. Pest problems are practicallyal1.JPG (415205 bytes) nonexistent, although it appears the deer have chomped on a few of mine. Allium giganteum is an especially interesting plant to include in an outdoor garden. Its ornamental value can extend indoors as a long-lasting fresh cut or dried flower. This fall consider planting some alliums in your garden….and while you’re out drop by and check out mine.

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