Ryan loved this blanket.Parental Love

When Ryan was born I was surprised by the depth and strength of my love for him. I knew I was going to love him but actually the magnitude of it was shocking. Parental love is powerful and it drives most of your actions. As a parent my overwhelming love fueled hopes and dreams for my children.

Sweet KellyWhen I had Kelly, I was prepared for this intense ďIíll die for youĒ kind of love and I accepted it but a funny thing happened last week. I received an email from my Mom and here are her opening words:

Hi Donna,
My what a lovely name...
Do you like your name?  
I do and did when we named you Donna

Donna, Mom and DadI read that and felt cherished. In fact I kept it in my inbox for several days and just seeing it there would make me smile. A couple days later I was talking with Mauriceís mother Pearl and told her about the sinus infection Maurice had last week and how concerned I was because he was dizzy. She shared that she always worries because he works so much and there is heart attack risk on both sides of his family. As I talked with her I could feel how much she loved him. I put two and two together and realized that I hadnít savored being loved. Sounds crazy doesnít that? But seriously, I knew I was loved I just hadnít stopped to appreciate it and wrap that warm feeling around me. Did my mother or Pearl suddenly start loving us more? No, I simply stopped and felt it more. Now take one more step in this thought process with me, thereís someone else who loves me, who has always been there with an overwhelming love. If you havenít figured it out, click here and listen to this song.

"There is a God who loves me
Who wraps me in His arms..." - Michael Gungor