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“I just buy more guns.” That’s what my brother told me when he explained how he dealt with stress and life’s disappointments. Mike’s hobby is collecting guns. Having a gun collection is not an odd thing if you live in rural Missouri; in fact it’s amazing the life that he has chosen to live. Mike and his family live on three acres with six chickens, two cats and a dog named Band-Aid. He could live and work anywhere he chose, you see Mike is the smartest person that I know. He is a mechanical engineer who is a PE or Professional Engineer.  Anyhow back to my point, Mike and I were talking and this buying of guns is his carrot on the stick, it’s what motivates him and guns are how he rewards himself.

luvtulips.jpg (3588009 bytes)I have a friend who spent most of her career with Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages and I recall a comment she made a few years ago stating that she would not leave because of the “golden handcuffs.” She was referring to all the perks and benefits she received above her wage. Many times companies will reward superior staff with discretionary benefits such as company cars, free refreshments and hotel stays.  Perks work in business and they work in our personal life. In business you may not be in control of the perks bestowed upon you but you can reward yourself anytime you wish.  Think about it, you can chose to give yourself positive feedback and rewards.  What will you give yourself today?


“Sometimes you just got to give yourself what you wish someone else would give you.”  - Dr. Phil

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