Planning For Waves

waves.jpg (140139 bytes)Something I noticed on the cruise ship was that everything was bolted down, for example the outside tables were bolted to the deck. I also observed many railings along edges, like on the corner shelf unit in our room; it had a ridge/lip to keep items from sliding off. Same in the bathroom, when the waves hit these items will not fall off. Everything in the ship was build with waves in mind.

waves2.jpg (280543 bytes)Waves happen in our lives and I wondered do we plan our lives around the waves that are going to inevitably arise? We know that life has ups and downs, that there will be rough times and knowing that do we plan how to handle them when they show up? Do we look at our vulnerable spots and prep them? That little shelve had a small ridge around it, just enough for the little rocks and rolls, of normal daily life on a boat. We have little rocks and rolls every day too. If you commute to work you probably encounter situations that rock you every day. If you interact with people in any way, you are bound to have a little roll, something to unsettle you a bit.

wave2.jpg (414682 bytes)Planning for waves and turbulence is a wise thing. How do you deal with these small daily challenges? We are not even going to talk about the big hurricane or tsunami that life occasionally throws our way. Even that little rail or the bolts on the tables were not prepared for that. No, just the everyday little challenges that pop up and try to blow you off course.

wave3.jpg (254835 bytes)A couple weeks ago I took a spill on my bike. I didnít have my little bike bag attached; consequently when I fell I had no band aids, nothing but water in my bottle to rinse the blood off. Why? Because I figured I wouldnít need it. I was riding at  Creve Coeur Lake Park and would be close to the car. I didnít plan for a wave.

Hereís the lesson, little things are going to happen in your daily life to unsettle you. An angry customer chews your ear off, a crazy driver cuts you off the road, and the dishwasher quits, small waves that will erode away your optimism. If we know that, can we prepare for them and improve our quality of life? If we accept that waves are a part of our life, isnít that better than being naively blindsided?  Each day we are going to have some waves, and we need to be ready for them, because when wave4.jpg (652301 bytes)we are prepared, we can deal with waves quickly, leaving our energies free to focus instead on the good things. If we plan healthy coping mechanisms we ensure our positive state of mind regardless of the waves. We can chose to focus on the beauty of our surroundings, the love in our relationships, or maybe just look for the humor in life. Itís a choice we make ahead of time, to live successfully rocking on the waves of life.