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A couple years ago during a holiday gathering, my sister in law Linda said "I'll bet you liked to play house when you were a kid." She said this with a bit of disbelief because this was something she didn't like to do and couldn't understand how anyone could enjoy playing house. I did, and I still do. Now that we are living in the vacation rental home, I have the fun of nesting in a new place. I enjoyed moving my furniture around and creating a comfortable home for my family. One of the things I like best about this home is the large panty. When we lived at Downey Terrace I had canned goods on shelves in the basement and now everything is in one place. Since we've been in this home about a week I've noticed that we are living in the land of white plastic fences. I guess the fences came with the homes because they're everywhere. I've vrh4.jpg (257105 bytes)appreciated having my potted plants with me in this new place because now when I look out on the deck that is what my eye is drawn to-the beautiful plants not all those fences.  Speaking of the neighborhood, it has been great fun to roam around the neighborhood. While walking Monica I discovered this charming entrance to one of the neighboring homes. I appreciated the red accents so I took a picture to tuck into my inspiration folder.

Over the weekend we went and looked at five homes, three we had seen previously and they were on our short list. Well, we got home and Maurice wanted to make an offer on one of those homes. I hadn't expected this because we had intended to look for a second choice home should the short sale not materialize. So we have a new dilemma, two homes that we like. Tomorrow we're going to look at both of them and try to make a decision. I'll keep you posted.

"I've been very happy with my homes, but homes really are no more than the people who live in them." Nancy Reagan

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