I'm starting to accumulate alot of this stuff.Poison Ivy and Magical Moments

I was sitting working on my laptop when Maurice walked by and stopped abruptly.

ďWhatís that?Ē he asked staring at my legs. 

I smiled and tried to act nonchalant as I replied ďPoison Ivy.Ē I hoped that he wouldnít notice. Four weeks ago I came home with about 40 unsightly chigger bites on my left leg.  Those had taken forever to fade and go away.

I'll go back here.ďI donít know why grown folk gotta go run through the woods.Ē  He shook his head and left.   

I knew he wouldnít get it, and donít ask what he thought when I pulled out my head lamp so we could run in the dark.  But for me that cranked the whole experience up a notch. 

Why do we do it?Experiences, that what itís all about. If you were to stop and think about the last year what would you remember? The places youíve been, the people youíve met and the experiences you have lived. Now think about the big bulk of time you spent last year in the routine daily grind. For me itís disproportionately higher. Most of life falls into a repetitive pattern and it takes effort to create magical moments in your life. Did you get that? Create moments in your life. They donít just show up at your door, you have to plan and do. You create experiences. 

Can you see the big smiles on our faces?Want to know a secret? Once youíve experienced these moments, they never go away. I love to run in new places and I have an entire library of runs tucked in my brain to take out and view. Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night and canít go back to sleep? Well, I either pray or I go for a run. Iíll just replay some of the beautiful places Iíve been to and go back. But itís not just running that I recall.  Itís the time I spent with friends and the people I love. Itís the time I stopped and appreciated the beauty of nature.  How about you, fill in the blank itís the time I spent _____? Today you can create a magical moment. Today you have the opportunity to craft an experience to savor later, what will it be? 

ďLive in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.Ē Ė Ralph Waldo Emerson