Two more chairs just like these.Pool Chairs

Snow-it always causes a stir. When will it come?  How much will fall? For us in landscape maintenance snow is our Santa Claus. Will we get any? How much? Should we order more salt? These are the questions we ponder and lately there has been another. Will I get pool chairs? Some of you know that a couple weeks ago Maurice told me that if we had two more significant snows I could order two more pool chairs.  That little bit tells you a lot about how we live. Last night as the snow fell I ran outside and danced an exuberant pool chair dance, two snows now two more chairs. Oddly enough though, last Thanksgiving it snowed in St. Louis while we were in Tucson. As I looked at the photos friends posted on facebook and felt guilty because the snow didn’t matter to me. I wasn’t there, and it was odd to see snow back home and feel no emotion.  I wasn’t excited about the surprising early season snowfall. I had no feelings because I was far away. 

Brr no lounging around here.Distance dims your emotions. Had I been in town I would have grabbed the camera and shot some photos, as it was I barely glanced at those posted. Distance reduced my interest and enthusiasm. Distance is a tool that we have available if we chose to use it. For example my friend Stacey told me that she cleared out all the holiday treats and snacks from her house. The distance to those foods is now greater for her and this helps her towards her health and fitness goal. How about people and relationships? Distance can solve some of those issues too.  Today I am thinking about how I can create distance in my life and someday soon...benefit from it. How about you, where to you need to create a little distance? 

“You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” Dr. Seuss