A bridge for the train-not the cyclist.Railroad Tracks and Bee StingsA direct route across the river.

There is a bridge that runs across the Meramec River that would be the perfect short cut to go from the Al Foster trail to Chub Trail. Unfortunately it was built for trains. A friend told me of a cyclistís terrifying experience using this bridge when a trail barreled by him on the bridge.  I canít imagine standing holding my bike inches from a roaring locomotive, but he did and later someone told him that he was lucky he didnít get hit by the chains that typically hang off trains.  Who would have thought of that?

Totally unrelated, once I was cycling on the trail at Creve Coeur Lake Park leaning over, tucked down on my aerobars. A triathlon bike has aerobars which are handle bars that reduce wind resistance by placing the rider in a position that minimizes the cyclists drag profile. This is done by leaning over and resting your forearms on the padded aerobars.  On this hot summer day I simply wore a sports bra and my bent over positioning created a nice little tunnel that trapped an angry bee.  The bike bobbled as I swatted the bee trying to unclip my feet from the pedals. The bee planted a big stinger so I reached and pulled it out.  Suddenly I began to swell gaining a huge temporary breast implant. The only thing somewhat cold I had was my water bottle so I shoved it down my bra and rode to the car. That was the end of my training for the day.

Trains frequently use this bridge.Later I read that if you are stung by a bee you should remove the stinger quickly because the longer the stinger is in the body the more severe the reaction will be. I didnít know this and if I had I would have immediately pulled the stinger. I just didnít know, same with that cyclist teetering on the edge of the bridge as the train thundered by, he didnít know. I like to be prepared and the thing about life is that there is no way you can ever be ready for every situation that you will encounter. Of course there is a plethora of information out there about how to live life, but I donít think we can ever get ready for every potential circumstance we may find ourselves in.  Sometimes you just do your best and that is it. No beating yourself up over a poor choice, no wallowing in the ďwhat ifs.Ē  The best thing we can do is learn and move on but for some perverse reason I find myself going back and re-evaluating my choice. Pondering and dwelling over a bygone situation has kept me running on a self defeating treadmill missing life going on all around me.  The solution is to turn my mind away and face the future. Next time I know better, this time I did the best I could.