life.jpg (297220 bytes)Ready To Change

In less than a week we will be in our new home. Needless to say we are a lot more excited about this move than our previous move. While we lived in our rental home I noticed a couple things. For starters although we’re only 1.2 miles away from our Downey Terrace Ct. home the people are friendlier here. I think it might be because the homes are closer and it’s a sort of urban suburbia, a bunch of folks living closer together. Anyhow the people are nice. The other thing I noticed is that time goes by so quickly. In some ways it seems that we just moved in, and now it’s time to go. And here’s another thing, all furniture works. Seriously if you are open minded all furniture works.

I’ve also noticed that it is hard to live in limbo. We tried not to unpack. We don’t know where most of our belongings are and we simply put off finding things until we are in the new home. Besides being unsettling this is totally unproductive, and not progressive. This attitude spills into the rest of your life. You cannot move forward-until, and then somehow you cannot move forward anywhere in your life. All of life takes on a sort of waiting until. It’s like our economy right now. Ok this is a huge stretch but I know a lot of business owners who are holding their breath waiting until the economy turns around. They aren’t unpacking, doing anything progressive; they simply wait, and hope they can hold on long enough, until things turn around. Ok here is what I find totally annoying. Everyone is complaining about the shrinking economy and all week long I have had to beg vendors to give me a bid, to meet me at my new home. I have waited for phone calls, nagged people when I did not get them and I cannot help but wonder why? Why if things are so bad, do companies continue to provide such crappy customer service?  But not companies all are, across the board I think service in the food industry has greatly improved.  Many companies are providing better products and services and they are showing positive growth, you just don’t hear about this from the news media.

sunshine.jpg (792448 bytes)The truth is you have to change. No matter where you are, in limbo or in a challenging economy, nobody is going to fix it for you. Now jump with me on this crazy train of thought, I said that if you are open minded all furniture works. Yes, interior decorators would scoff at what I have done to nest at our temporary home, but it works. If you are open minded and not particular you can make things work.  I am an optimist and I don’t think this economic downturn will last forever but while we’ve got it we must do something.  We’ve got to make what we have right now work, and it takes creativity and acceptance of things that aren’t “perfect,” but mostly it takes just doing something.

“Between the great things we cannot do and the small things we will not do, the danger is that we shall do nothing.  –Adolph Mondo