dinnerplate.jpg (456233 bytes)Realistic Expectations

Sunday night I decided to make reuben sandwiches for dinner. I thought we’d have this with corn on the cob, and steamed broccoli and cauliflower. I ended up making four different types of grilled sandwiches. Maurice and I started out with the reubens and then Ryan got home from work and wanted a grilled ham and cheese. Kelly arrived and wanted a grilled cheese, not just any grilled cheese no, and she has to have a slice of swiss cheese topped with grilled.jpg (340509 bytes)shredded cheddar. Yes, shredded cheddar and no a slice would not do because she likes the shredded cheddar. By this time Maurice finished the reuben and decides that he too would like a grilled cheese, but he wants Velveeta on his because those are the best grilled cheese sandwiches. There you have it four different sandwiches.

This is why I cannot grill sandwiches on a busy night. In theory I should be able to quickly grill a few sandwiches but factor in my picky family and now you know why I did it on a Sunday night.

I made all those sandwiches and everyone was happy including me. Moms do this kind of juggling all the time and I don’t think we stop and silently pat ourselves on the back. Besides making the sandwiches I had acquired all the ingredients, and set aside time in my schedule to do this. Ok maybe I am making a big deal over a small domestic chore, dinner.jpg (128718 bytes)but the reality is we all only have 24 hours in a day. Within the 24 hours we try to shove all our personal expectations and then add the expectations of the important people in our lives. We then top that off with the expectations of society and a plethora of other expectations. We have limited hours in our day and if we tried to fulfill all the expectations bestowed upon us we would drive ourselves crazy. For example some of you might have read that I served sandwiches – SANDWICHES for a Sunday dinner. How could I only provide a sandwich for my family’s dinner? Why didn’t I serve a traditional family dinner where we could all sit down and have quality time together? Why didn’t I make a dessert? Why didn’t I put together something healthier than sandwiches? See it could go on and on. What’s my point? You cupcake.jpg (69851 bytes)have a set number of hours and millions of choices, let your values guide you as you chose what is important. You are important, too important to get swallowed up in expectations. Set your own realistic expectations and then pat yourself on the back for your accomplishments, no matter how small.

“You will never find time for anything, you must take it.” – Charles Buxton