rpswim.jpg (162539 bytes)Rec Plex Indoor Triathlons

I hope you arent going to do something crazy. Maurice said to me as I was getting dressed to go to the YMCA.

Whats crazy? I asked.

You know running or working out before swimming. He replied.

It was Wednesday night which meant masters swimming night. I usually go run 3 miles before our group workout, but Id been sick for a week. Im racing this weekend and I need to defend my first place position. I justified to Maurice and this was what propelled me to bounce right back into training.

Ive signed up for the series of four races that were scheduled for November and December at the St. Peters Rec Plex. The indoor triathlons consist of a 500 yard swim, a 10 mile bike followed by a 3 mile run. Results are tallied based on points. You receive points for simply completing the race and additional points for first, second or third place. I was leading my age group and wanted to stay there. Alright I have to admit this is not a big deal, they are a small series of triathlons designed to help folks stay in shape during the winter. They are not polished or professionally run, but the people directing the event do there best to provide a fun challenging event. The biggest benefit to participating in these triathlons is that they keep you focused and training during this holiday season which could be a huge distraction to your fitness.

Missing a weeks worth of training and being sick did make for a laborious run during the third triathlon, however I did it. I gave it everything I had and was rewarded with that wonderful feeling of accomplishment when the race was over. Heres the deal, its the holiday season and its tempting to simply say Ill wait to workout until after the New Year. Do not do that. Every week you miss makes it rpswim2.jpg (177747 bytes)so much harder to catch up. If youve missed a little bit now, just go back, start again. Yeah, it will be challenging, yes you might be slower, but when youre done you will feel awesome!

What is not started today is never finished tomorrow. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe