Rec Plex Triathlon

June 19, 2005 

This was the first ďrealĒ triathlon I have done. I didnít bring a swim cap and swam with my hair in a ponytail. The swim is serpentine and that means you start at one end of the pool and go down the lane and then back in the next lane. You zigzag across the pool. Swimmers leave every 5 seconds. The order that you are placed is in the order they received your registration.  I passed four people.   

Mid April I got my Trek 1000 bike. The week before the race I took the map and drove the course. As I drove it I got scared. Oh boy, you ride on a busy outer road and you have to cross some train tracks. The bike went a lot better than I anticipated. Unfortunately, I got lost on the running trail and ran for 5-10 minutes extra. Iím running and donít see anyone so I go back and try another trail leading to a play ground and ask a lady if she has seen any runners and she says no. I decided to turn around and go back to where I started.  It turns out that I turned right at the start and didnít go straight. It was just odd that when I started running I was alone with no one else on the course to follow. I guess that means next year I should have a faster run time!

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