cm1.jpg (1725313 bytes)Relying on the Aid Stations

I learned an interesting lesson running the marathon portion of the Ironman. Iíve run marathons before and I know how to do it. I have learned what I like to wear and what items to bring along. I wear race ready shorts with the multiple pockets. In the pockets I'll put a small tube of body glide, a couple Advilís, and my nutrition which of late has been a mixture of Sport Beans and Bissingerís Gummy Pandas along with some Carboom gels. When I did the Ironman I had a baggie filled with beans and pandas in the back pocket of my shorts. Normally at the start of a marathon all my pockets are full and everything balances out but this time that heavy baggie kept flopping around. I decided to carry it in my hand.  The aid stations at the Ironman are well stocked and placed at every mile. I ran a few miles carrying that bag and then threw it away.  What a relief it was not carting around that bag. I simply trusted that my nutritional needs would be met at the aid stations. Once I let go of that cumbersome bag the running was easier, I enjoyed the being free of stuff.

winterbird.jpg (70162 bytes)I trusted the race directors to supply all my nutrition needs along that Ironman course. I have another director, and heís my life director. Sometimes I donít trust him to supply my needs. Let me explain. There are times in my life where I donít wait for God to provide the answer; times when I think I need to make things happen, when I carry the burden of depending upon myself. I cart all these needs around and donít have the faith to allow God to do everything that he promised he would.  Thereís a verse in the bible that says: ďLook at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?Ē Matthew 6:26

free.jpg (54151 bytes)I can say that God has provided for my physical needs time and time again. But he is the provider of all of our needs and I have to admit there are times when itís hard for me to follow his instructions and then wait. Wait and be confident that HE will orchestrate everything. I want to get involved, nudge things along, force situations to the solution that I think is right. This is where my faith is tested. If you too have a load of needs youíre carrying around that is getting heavy, I challenge you to step out in faith and allow God to be your provider.