rider7.jpg (101866 bytes)Ride the Rivers Century

We did it; Maurice and I completed five century rides this year. We’ve come a long way. I recall one weekend last May when Maurice and I rode 58 miles from the riverfront up to Alton and oh were we in bad shape when we finished. The last ten miles were incredibly painful and we moaned all the way back to the car. Then we did rider3.jpg (176509 bytes)our first century which seemed to take forever and that took a lot out of us. If I look back further I was the girl who trained for the half ironman riding in parks and doing spinning classes, yes we’ve come a long way.  The more of these you do, the easier it gets.

Ride the Rivers Century was sponsored by Trailnet. The ride started in St. Charles at the Ameristar Casino and the course took us through Creve Coeur Lake Park, Westport, Olivette, Forest Park, Downtown, Riverfront trail, Chain of Rocks Bridge, Alton, and Grafton. The ride also included two ferry crossings. Chris, Rick and Mark all rode the century. I spent most of the day trying to keep up with Maurice, and he would wait for me at the rest stops and ferry crossings. This century ride was different because it included rider1.jpg (142961 bytes)some urban riding, and we rode the city streets which included many stops for traffic lights. The first rest stop was at the History Museum in Forest Park.

The start of the ride was congested and until we hit the Riverfront trail I was always in a pack of riders. At one point I looked and there were probably 50 of us together.  If you have never rode with a group its interesting. People ride close and look out for one another. For example if there is a hazard in the road like a pothole or glass usually the people in the lead will point down to it with their hand or they may shout out a warning. If there are cars approaching, cyclist will yell rider5.jpg (195125 bytes)“car up” or “car back;” or someone may holler “slowing” if the pack is starting to slow down or bunching up in front. I’m still amazed that I have actually done this.

This winds up the big training for me and now I am beginning to decrease and taper. Although I do have to tell you that next weekend’s taper event is a 45 minute swim with a ride off of that for 4 hours…