shoes.jpg (65072 bytes)Ripple Effect

I was on the elliptical machine at the YMCA when this guy walks across in front of the machines and as he walks by the fan he raises his arms, I guess airing out his underarm pits. I was happy that I was not in the immediate air projection of the fan and I can only imagine the people who got a whiff of his sweat pits were thinking “Thanks Buddy.”

Follow me with this, last month Maurice and I flew to Las Vegas via Southwest Airlines. Usually we can get in and out of the East Terminal at Lambert quickly but on this particular morning we barely made it to the gate on time. The line through security was stressfully long.  Then a few weeks later we flew to New Orleans on American and we had time to longline.jpg (94532 bytes)get our shoes shined before our flight. We always look for Terrence who is a friend of our brother in law Vincent to shine our shoes. Maurice told Terrence that we had been unable to look him up during our last flight because of the long security line. Terrence said that every time the line gets long through security all the businesses within the terminal suffer. Nobody has time to make purchases.  I never thought of that, but it’s true.  The actions of the TSA create a ripple effect.

ripple.jpg (55673 bytes)Speaking of ripple effect, isn’t annoying to be in a meeting or a class that runs over causing you to be late to your next scheduled event? All because someone did not consider the ripple their actions caused.  If I were to throw a pebble into a lake the waves would ripple out ever expanding because of my action. Our actions are the same and are often more far reaching than we consider.  Remember that movie “Pay it Forward?” It showed the ripple effect of positive actions. Here’s the interesting thing, we often trivialize the small things we have the opportunity to do. The smile or kind word to a stranger, the encouraging pat on the back or the phone call all only take a little time and effort but create ripples.  Unfortunately I find myself caught up in my own business and miss the opportunities to throw the pebble in the pond. For me it takes a bit of intentionality when I start my day. How about you? Let’s make some ripples!

“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” -  Scott Adams