Rock Bottom

Everybody’s bottom is different. You know the phrase “hitting rock bottom,” well; we all have different rock bottoms. When it comes to changing sometimes we allow a small amount of discomfort but other times we will let things get downright painful before we see the need to change. We all know that it’s easier to make a small change right away in our life rather than allowing things to compile but often I don’t make the quick little change.

A few weeks ago I was running and felt a tiny pebble in my shoe from trail running the previous day. I thought about stopping to remove the tiny rock, but I wasn’t running too long and decided to just push it aside and keep going. Every now and then the pebble would annoy me and I’d wiggle it away. If I were going to run for a couple hours I would have stopped and shook the stone from my shoe, but I didn’t have to because it was a short run. The funny thing is tiny areas in our life that we need to change are like that pebble and I often ignore them and push them aside. Unfortunately I don’t force myself to stop and accept that this is going to go on for a long time, unless I take action.

It’s easy to see that removing a rock from your shoe will reduce discomfort, but what about the times when the change you must make is going to be unpleasant? You know the thing you’ve got to do but you don’t want to? How do you motivate yourself to change? I wish I had a simple answer for that but difficult change requires pulling out your entire arsenal of tactics. Barter with yourself, reward yourself, set goals and start small. Be consistent and do a little each day. These are some of the strategies you are already equipped with; the important thing is to decide to change. Make the choice.

“People change when they hurt enough that they have to, learn enough that they want to, or receive enough that they are able to.” – John Maxwell

(For a little CHANGE of scenery I've posted some pictures from my last trip to California...)