Celebrate ChristmasRudolph Car?

We decorate the outside of our home with Christmas lights every year. Most of the time we use the clear lights, but occasionally we have put together themed light displays. One year we displayed red, white and blue, and another we did red and green displays. Maurice and I are pretty particular about how our outdoor lights look. Actually I’ve become even pickier this year decorating inside our home. I critiqued and evaluated every item I used. All this scrutiny slowed me down and I wondered why the decorating was taking so long for so little. Then about a week ago, and suddenly over the past weekend the deer population exploded.  The reindeer or specifically Rudolph was out and about. More and more cars reindeer car.JPG (66675 bytes)were sporting the reindeer car costume. Have you seen it yet? At first I couldn’t believe anyone would do that, but it seems to be catching on. Why would you do something so ridiculous like dress your car up in a reindeer costume I wondered?  Decorating is serious business.  It’s a reflection of yourself, your taste and your style. Or is it? Maybe these Rudolph car drivers are the ones who have figured it out, Christmas is a celebration and celebrations are fun.  How will you celebrate Christmas?

“There has been only one Christmas – the rest are anniversaries.” – W. J. Cameron